What do Brian's session and workshop attendees have to say about their experience? 

"Technology isn't as scary as it seems!"

"Loved this workshop!  Great presenter, great ideas that can be transferred to the classroom."

"I learned many new ways for students to showcase their learning."

"I came out of this with some realistic goals for application of technology in my classroom!"

"I can really do this!  I definitely feel I can now use many apps to enhance learning versus occupy learners."

"Brian thank you!  You have been an awesome presenter.  I am excited to start using my iPad in a whole new way!"

"...technology training is essential for teachers to meet the needs of students of the current time."

"..inspiring ideas for collaboration and learning."

"This presentation was very informative and inspiring.  It reminded me of materials and resources I already have that I can begin to use in my classroom to increase technology use.  I am super excited to implement these ideas.  Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience."

"One of the best workshops at the conference."

"Excellent, well organized and informative."  

"I appreciate your promotion of keeping social/emotional development at the forefront of early childhood education."

"..passionate, knowledgeable presenter."

"Thank you for being so inspiring Brian!"